Aston is our Apprentice Instructor. He is responsible for maintaining equipment and assisting out on activities; he is also a key member of our booking centre team and may be one of the people who answers the phone to you. He has a great knowledge of the activities that the Isle of Wight has to offer.

Main Activity Discipline: Sea Kayaking and Mountain Boarding

Current Boat, Board & Bike: Valley Aquanaut and Ocean Kayaks Scupper Pro

Achievements: Back packing trip around France and Spain – L1 Coach and 3* Sea

Whats Next… Ambitions / Plans: To travel to every continent and become a 4* leader, not necessarily in that order!

Best things about the Outdoors: Freedom, Amazing Sights and Adventure

Other Hobbies: Football, Playing Guitar and Walking

Food: Anything but Celery!

Music: Kasabian, UB40 and Bob Marley


Aston’s recent publicity:

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