The whole Adventure Activities UK team were beyond excited this morning to discover that our very own Aiden, has been shortlisted for the ‘Inspiring Educator Award’ in the 2017 Outstanding Contribution to Learning Outside the Classroom Awards by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC). 

These awards “recognise individuals and teams of people who are committed to ensuring that young people have inspiring experiences outside the classroom” in the very shorttime that he has worked in Outdoor Education we know that there are countless examples of Aiden delivering just that to a wide range of Adventure Activities Isle of Wight’s clientelle. Whether he is working with school groups, NCS programmes, corporate groups, tourists, or on a one-to-one basis, Aiden is an outstanding Instructor and Outdoor Educator, and a pleasure to be around. He is passionate and dedicated to sharing unforgettable Adventures with everyone he is lucky enough to be working with, and his positive and happy demeanor is both infectious and inspiring to clients and colleagues.

Just to be shortlisted for this award is an honour, but we would LOVE IT if he won!

Here is where you lovely people come in… the winner will be decided by public vote. If you have had the pleasure of meeting Aiden you will know that how much he deserves this award. We would be so grateful if you would follow this link and please vote for Aiden Clark – voting closes on the 23rd October 2017.

If you want to know more about why we decided to nominate Aiden for this award, read on…

Aiden started working at Adventure Activities UK in April 2016 as an Apprentice Instructor. He was chosen from a large number of applicants for many reasons, but mainly for his enthusiasm, positive attitude and ebullient personality. Over the past year these traits have allowed him to grow into a very confident and competent outdoor educationalist.

Aiden is a skilled practitioner in many land and water based activities. He is the lead instructor in our Opportunities programme, which works with disaffected young people. Aiden’s versatility allows him to adapt his teaching style with ease between working with our NCS Residential programmes, ‘Young Adventurers’ Holiday club, school groups, additional needs groups, and also family and adult tourism bookings. Aiden has shown that he has the skills and abilities to inspire and encourage people of all ages to achieve the very best they can during their time in his sessions.

A stand out case on Aiden’s influence and positive affect is his continued work with  a child with Pathological Demand Avoidance and Sensory Processing Disorder. This child was very keen to have a go at archery and climbing, but his mother was very concerned about his ability to listen to others and follow instructions. After just one session with Aiden they were so impressed that they have been coming on a weekly basis for the past few months. The child’s mother wrote to AAUK to express her thanks to Aiden and mention how much the sessions have developed her sons cognitive abilities, confidence and social skills

A further example comes from one of the disaffected young people attending our Opportunities Programme, who felt like Aiden was more like a ‘big brother’ due to his positive and inspirational approach. This impact has been huge for the young person’s social, emotional and personal development.

At the other end of the scale, Aiden has developed and leads both the ‘welcome’ speech and final sessions with our NCS residential groups (135 teenagers). These ‘final note’ sessions may by a Mr Motivator style morning dance-workout, a wide game, or a final brief of how the week’s activities have fulfilled the NCS criteria. Aiden is always one of the staff mentioned on the feedback forms from both the staff and young people. He is said to be inspirational, caring and fun.

At the end of this summer season Aiden will be taking up his place at Brighton University to undertake a Sports Coaching Degree with the view to becoming a teacher. This will be a great loss to AAUK, but a great gain for the teaching profession and all the young people he will come in to contact with.

Throughout his short time at AAUK Aiden has had a very positive affect on the lives of a great many young people. His hard work and positive attitude combined with his outgoing personality have impacted on the social, emotional and personal development of many. We feel that he is very worthy to be nominated for the LOtC Educator Award.

We all have our fingers firmly crossed!!

Awards for Outstanding Contribution to LOtC


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