Party Rings, Netflix and Identifying Birds | World Mental Health Day 2018

Today is World Mental Health Day. With modern life impacting so many people through mental health issues, it is now more important than ever to embrace the outdoors.

I, like thousands of others suffer with depression and anxiety. Mental health doesn’t discriminate and reaches every corner of society.

Something that is integral in managing my faulty brain is going outdoors. Doing something as simple as walking down to Sainsubury’s for a half price pack of party rings can have a cathartic effect!

Using the outdoors to combat mental health is well documented and I try to get outdoors as much as possible. I know sometimes it can be super hard to get the motivation to go out and do stuff. Even prior to my diagnosis, I could be guilty of having just one more coffee or watching just one more of my favourite series on Netflix as the rain pummels on the window.

Once out and about though, I can feel my brain relax and focus on what is around me rather than always looking inwards.

Whether I don my wetsuit or grab my binoculars to miss-identify countless birds, it is rarely time wasted. The outdoors can offer so much, yes it’s important to talk about stuff, but you need to take every opportunity to ease that weary mind.

So mental health issues or not lets get outside…. now where did I leave that bird book?

Jim Robotham
Adventure Activities UKbased on the beautiful outdoor haven aka Isle of Wight

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