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We have an adventure base inside the Isle of Wight Zoo. If you are brave enough to ascend to the top of the 30ft climbing wall you will be rewarded with a unique view of Casper and Frosty, the zoos’ white lions – and no doubt the sight of clothed primates scrambling up a rock face will be rather stimulating for the lions too! For the more terrestrially orientated adventurer, an archery range is close by if you want to challenge you hand-eye coordination. The goats at Zoolittle Farm will be entertained by observing you learning circus skills, while the meerkat mob stationed at Suricata Lodge will supervise you learning bush-skills and playing nature games.
You can meet all the Animals, and there’s a picnic area and you can get drinks and lunch in the Cafe. Right outside the Zoo is also one of our Watersports bases as well, so you really can make a full day of it. Join us for a great day out and support the work that the Zoo does whilst your here.
Join us for some fun…
…just give us a call first to ensure a particular activity is running