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Our awesome mobile climbing wall is an impressive edition to your event. We roll up with a massive climbing wall that is then lift on hydraulics into position which then quickly become one of the main focusses and main attractions.

What are you getting:

Each of our walls are 7.3 metres high and each have 4 auto belay systems so you can have up to 4 people climbing per wall at once. It is usual for 40 people per hour to be able to climb a few different routes.

We can do more:

Our walls are staffed by expert climbing instructors, unlike most other mobile wall providers. You and your guests can climb using the quick and easy auto belay system, or if you choose to you can use climbing ropes and professional belay devices where guests hold the rope for each other; supervised by our experts of course.

You can even get a qualification, ideal for schools, its called the L1 NICAS award.

Our walls are ideal for almost any event:

  • Village shows
  • Corporate entertainment
  • Sporting events
  • Birthday parties
  • Schools and college events

What makes us different:

The climbing team will be focussed on you and your event. They arrive clean, smart and ready for action. They can arrive in unbranded clothing or even wear your own branding if requested.

Our team are nationally qualified climbing instructors. This is much rarer than you may think; there are very few companies that provide mobile climbing walls that can genuinely say this.

The team can arrive with prepared feather flags with your own branding on for the top of the wall and can display your advertising right up there where people will see it.

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To find out more and to book a date for our Climbing Wall Hire, give us a call on 01983 755838 or leave us a message below!



Access for a lorry sized vehicle

The wall and towing vehicle is around 50ft in length and 10ft wide

A large flat area

We need an area around 40ft x 40ft of flat solid ground to set the wall up

Enough time to advertise the event

We need either parental consent forms for each under 18 Y/O climber or a generic statement to be made on a wider event form

Site visit

In order to ensure your event goes to plan we may need to do a site visit to ensure that we can operate safely