We have been running team building days across the UK for over 20 years. Our team have an unrivalled level of experience, all lead staff are accredited with the Institute of Outdoor Learning and with qualified PE teachers, outdoor eduction specialists and sports science practitioners on our team we can guarantee that the day that we will provide is cutting edge in terms of quality and development of educational principles.


We work with groups from 10 up to 200 students, and are happy to add an all our different mobile activities into the day – these can include zorbing, mountain boarding, archery or our climbing wall. All activities that we run have an education focus whilst maintaining a fun element.


The ‘Team Challenge’ day is focussed not just on team work, but on leadership and group responsibility. The day starts with a short presentation by the senior facilitator about the fundamentals of team work and communication, followed by splitting the group into teams of between 5 and 10 and then a briefing on the Challenge.


The ‘Team Challenge’ day has a light competitive element to it where by teams are encouraged employ various strategies to collect points after successfully completing challenges and tasks. In order to achieve the full range of points students must undertake a successful review of each of the challenges they complete. The review process forms a major part of the debriefing sessions that occur towards the end of the ‘Team Challenge’ day.


Q. Do you come to our School site?

A. Yes, our mobile service is based on our belief that everyone should be able to access the benefits of outdoor education.

Q. How much space do we need for a ‘Team Building Day’?

A. It all depends on how many students you have, but we can work on grass pitches, hard courts, playgrounds or even indoor sports halls. We will provide a productive and educational day whatever space you have available for us to use.

Q. How long do the Team Challenge Days last?

A. We run a day based on your needs. When you make contact with us a specialist will chat through your needs and offer suggested programmes and timetables. In short though, we work to your needs.

Q. We have a few students with ‘behaviour considerations’, are you sure you will be able to cope with them??

A. We could well be the only ‘School Team Building’ company that could. Two of our team have many years of experience working in PRU’s and various referral unit settings. Our permanent sites across the South East deliver long term development programmes to students with behaviour issues and we have a long history of engaging these students and retaining them within our programmes.


Our team are very probably the most qualified practitioners delivering ‘in-school’ Team Education days in the whole of the UK.

  • – Institute of Outdoor Learning
  • – Ex-RAF Officers
  • – NGB Coach Educators
  • – Sports Scientists
  • – Qualified Teachers

We hold range of accreditation that you will find hard to beat. The exceptionally well regarded Learning Outside the Classroom ‘Quality Mark’ is something we have held for many years and continue to be proud of maintaining.

  • – Learning Outside the Classroom
  • – Adventure Mark
  • – AALS Licensed

We are focussed on education and development. Our sessions, whether they an hour or a day, are well planned and reference relevant key stage objectives. We provide you with lesson plans and student self review sheets that you can use as evidence of work completed.

Our senior team each have over 20 years experience in delivering outdoor education programmes within, and for schools. We promise that your day will be led by the most appropriate member of our team backed with a committed and enthusiastic group of our outdoor educators.