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Why should you choose Isle of Wight Adventure Activities over the Stag Party Group Agents?


  • We deal with many agents that book ‘their’ stag group activities through us. They profess to have visited all the locations, tried the activities and stayed in the accommodation. We know for a fact they haven’t and the don’t.


  • Fact – all stag groups that come to us through agents have paid nearly double price for our stag group activities than if they’d have come to us direct!


  • We don’t know about beer tasting activities in Bavaria, not a thing about paragliding in the Mendips, we couldn’t tell you anything about karting in Birmingham – but what we do know about is how to put together the perfect Stag Party Activity on the Isle of Wight. We are the ones who will give you the local expertise.


  • We will be there to answer all your questions, make sure you have all the information you need and ensure you have the personal touch so that everything goes smoothly. Our experience of the big agents is that they don’t give you any of that, and they leave you high and dry when their plans don’t go to, urm, plan.


  • We will make sure every part of your weekend that you choose to have us involved with goes to plan, and we will be there to ensure it goes smoothly and is a weekend to remember.