Zorbing on the Isle of Wight. Zorbing is a new and exhilarating experience that involves hurtling down a hill in a huge inflatable ball! You will be Harness Zorbing where two of you strap yourselves into the Zorb or if you choose you can Hydro Zorbing where you are harnessed securely and, well, you are joined by around 30 litres of water on your decent!

We offer the best, most professional Zorbing experiences with a true fun factor that needs to be experienced to be believed. Our Zorbing balls are custom built by the industry’s best manufacturer, and our team will ensure you have a safe and fun experience that you will remember for a very long time! You can’t zorb anywhere else on the Island!

Children need to be over 1m 30cm tall, and adults need to be below 17

For your Zorbing on the Isle of Wight Adventure, you will meet our team at one of the two Zorbing sites. Our Instructors will greet you, explain what is going to happen and then get you kitted out for the ride of your life.