Stoats Adventure Camp Activities


Real Adventure in Stunning Locations. Our great activity packages are all about creating an epic water and land based activity camps that are unmatched on the South Coast. Activities are led by experienced instructors who are, by far, the most qualified and experienced on the Isle of Wight and the South Coast. The programme is tailored to your needs. We promise an unforgettable adventure.

Stoats Adventure Camp Tents


Our own private and secure Campsite is in an incredible location on the side of Tennyson Down above Freshwater Bay and Totland Bay. The incredible Glamping Site has its own private showers and toilets onsite. Bedding is included. A private recreation area is available throughout the visit.

Stoats Adventure Camp Food Marquee


Locally sourced, home cooked food served in our unique giant tent. Paella, Pizza and Pastas feature as well as plenty of fresh salads and different options for all dietary requirements. Visiting groups are encouraged to get involved in the sense of community by being involved in food preparation, serving and clearing up.

Quick, Easy and Simple Pricing

£119 + VAT

2 Full Days of Activities

1 Night of Accommodation

Lunch x 2

Evening Meal x 1

Breakfast x 1

£164 + VAT

3 Full Days of Activities

2 Nights of Accommodation

Lunch x 3

Evening Meal x 2

Breakfast x 2

£204 + VAT

4 Full Days of Activities

3 Nights of Accommodation

Lunch x 4

Evening Meal x 3

Breakfast x 3

£279 + VAT

5 Full Days of Activities

4 Nights of Accommodation

Lunch x 4

Evening Meal x 4

Breakfast x 4

£139 + VAT

2 Full Days of Activities

2 Nights of Accommodation

Lunch x 2

Evening Meal x 1

Breakfast x 2



Our residential camps are not just about activities with somewhere to stay. We focus on each individual within a group. Our camps are all about having fun together, respecting each other and the environment and learning to live together. They are about young people working out who they are and how they can develop themselves.



The teachers on our team are well aware of the need to evidence all learning. They have set up engaging methods of the young people evidencing what they do. These include structured briefing and review sessions and the young people taking responsibility for taking their groups camera around to record their achievements. Visiting staff have the ultimate control over the learning content and focus.

Outdoor Education Residential Camp


We know that you have a lot of paperwork to do before your visit to us, and we will do what we can to help you as much as possible. Once you have booked we will send you all the various risk assessment documents, insurance, AALS licence and consent forms.

We require all students to obtain parental consent forms before their visit to us. We have both paper copies, and we have an online version that you are welcome to publicise to parents so they can complete it online and send to us direct. We only ask that you use one or the other so we can ensure that all paperwork is completed.

We encourage group leaders to make visits to us prior to your residential, and will be able to assist with this with free accommodation and activities.


Making a booking with Adventure Activities couldn’t be simpler. Our friendly Customer Service Team is on hand to help and give advice every step of the way, from your initial enquiry until your return home from your trip. Your booking arrangements will be personally looked after by a member of our experienced team.

Call us on 0800 180 4025 (Option 1), our office is open Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5pm.

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