REC L2 First Aid  788

What is it?

The programme promotes contemporary approaches to risk management by balancing the need for simple pro-active safety management practices, with a strong focus on preventative measures – along with effective emergency response skills. In short the focus is on prevention but with elements of appropriate and proportionate rescue skills. These awards are designed to meet the civil and statutory safety management obligations of employers of all people who work near, on, in or around open water and especially those with supervisory responsibilities.

Who is it for?

Teachers, Technicians, Outdoor Activity Instructors, Countryside Rangers, Community Safety Wardens, Dock Workers, Expedition Leaders, Construction Workers, the Emergency Services – everyone and anyone who works near water. The course is ideal for

What is the course programme?

One of the best things about the course is that it is modular. It is certificated relevant to the modules undertaken, and can be tailored to suit specific sites, roles and responsibilities. You only do what is relevant to you.

Level 1: Water Safety Awareness Module                                                    Half day £30

For those working or supervising near water who do not have a definite intention to get into the water, for example, School Teacher taking a group on a field trip. This module focusses on understanding, in practical, real life terms – how people drown and how to prevent it. Course content includes awareness of generic water hazards and selection and use of simple effective control measures including, for example, site risk assessment, boundary setting, observation skills and emergency response skills.

Level 2: Environment Specific (River, Still Water, Beach)                       Half day – £30

For those who have a greater likelihood of getting closer to or in the water but with a definite intention to stay within standing depth, for example, Construction Worker or Ranger working at the water edge. At this level course delegates look more deeply at hazard identification and risk assessment in specific environments and will complete a range of simulated rescues including shout, signal, reach, throw and wade. Delegates get wet in the chosen environment i.e. river, beach or still water – but not beyond waist deep.

Level 3: In Water Rescue Module                                                                 Full day – £60

For those with clients/people under their supervision who might be swimming out of their depth, for example, Outdoor Pursuit Instructor leading a deep water activity session. This award is essentially training for swim based rescues and candidates are required to perform a swim based rescue of a conscious casualty over 30 metres and an unconscious casualty over 15 metres.

The whole programme is progressive, so everyone starts with the foundation ‘water safety awareness’ module and delegates then progress to a level 2 module to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge with level 3 being an option if required.

Who delivers the course programme?

We are the only provider of this course on the IOW, simply because we are the only place with the range of experience required to run the programme in the range of environments and with the wide range of clients that we get on the course. Your course tutors are professional educators who also have extensive real world experience of the course content using it every day in their working lives.

What equipment do I need to bring?

On each level of course all equipment is provided, you simply need to bring warm clothing to wear. If you have your own equipment then you are welcome to bring it along, but this is by no means necessary as a big part of the course is looking at appropriate equipment for the various different locations and environments.

Is there anything else I need to know about the course programme?

The classroom elements will be based in a warm comfortable classroom, equipment will be provided as well as a hot lunch if you are attending for a full day, along with plenty of tea and coffee as well as the occasional biscuit.

What other courses are relevant to this award?

An outdoor Rescue Emergency Care first aid award is commonly delivered either before or after this course to complement the ethos of safety management in the outdoors. Take a look at the one day REC L1 course for local (20 – 40mins) offsite requirements or for those the two day REC level 2 course for those who venture further away (40mins – 1.5 hrs) from medical help.

How do I book a place?

Booking is simple, just call us to book and you can either pay online, over the phone or by invoice and bank transfer.